International Alexander Technique Congress® offers a forum for workshops and presentations bringing teachers together to exchange work, knowledge, and experience with the focus being both practical and theoretical. The primary intent is directed at improving our own use, developing the profession and teaching methods through enhancing our understanding of the principles which make up the Alexander Technique.   

The Congresses are open to everyone interested in the Alexander Technique no matter where they trained or branch of “the Alexander tree” they come from.  The spirit is inclusive, without judgment or criticism, allowing free exploration of this Work we all love. 

Each Congress is organized and run by a small group of Congress Directors which changes for each Congress.  By bringing the experience and continuity from those who have been involved before, the work of the Congress Directors is supervised by the Alexander Technique Congress Association (ATCA) which is based in Switzerland.  

  • August 2015

    Limerick, Ireland

    Empowering Humanity Inspiring Science 710 Participants Director : Richard Brennan, Niall Kelly, Glenna Batson Website Icon
  • 2011

    Lugano, Switzerland

    Learning From Each OtherTowards the 21st Century 350 Participants Director : Robert Britton, Jamie McDowell, Irmel Weber Website Icon
  • 2008

    Lugano, Switzerland

    From Generation To Generation 600 Participants Director : Michael D. Frederick, Rosa Luisa Rossi, Judy Stern
  • 2004

    Oxford, England

    Exploring the Principles 710 Participants Director : Jean M. O. Fischer, Peter Ribeaux, Lucia Walker
  • 1999

    Freiburg, Germany

    An Ongoing Discovery: Looking Towards the 21st Century 550 Participants Director : Karoline Erdmann, Daniel Susstrunk, Michael Fortwangler, Doris Dietschy
  • 1996

    Jerusalem, Israel

    Back to Basics 200 Participants Director : Shmuel Nelken, Ora Nelken, Rika Cohen
  • 1994

    Sydney, Australia

    125 Years On: The Meaning of Change 250 Participants Director : David Garlick
  • 1991

    Engelberg, Switzerland

    The Development of a Profession 560 Participants Director : Michael Frederick
  • 1988

    Brighton, England

    Research, Training and Stagecraft 500 Participants Director : Michael Frederick
  • 1986

    Stony Brook, New York, USA

    The Alexander Technique, a Global Perspective 250 Participants Director : Michael Frederick